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Social Enterprises

The Vine Trust has recognised that the employability needs of young people and the commercial needs of business don't always work well together. That's why throughout our 21 years in operation we have developed a number of 'Social Enterprises' which allow us to operate sustainable commercial businesses that engage with local young people. These 'incubators' are an ideal environment to help cultivate employable young people by offering real skills and experience across a range of industries whilst meeting the ever increasing demands of our customers. In a changing economic climate, the role of Social Enterprise is now seen as a major contributor in the provision of services to the local area, and we view our own social businesses as key player in our own community.


Project 390

Apprenticeship Agency

The name 'Project 390' was chosen as IKEA use the term '390' to identify designated stock which is damaged but potentially able to be recovered back to the market place. In the same way, our young people have experienced difficulties and situations which may have left them unemployable , but for over a decade,  our ethos was to recover these lives and equip them to enter the market place, in and beyond IKEA stores.
2021 Update: Our Ladder Apprenticeship Foundation is the focus of the Vine Trust's employablity work

Vines Catering

Social Enterprise Restaurants & Contract Catering
Vines was a Social Enterprise business and operates from a new stylish and contemporary restaurant offering a daily breakfast and lunch service. It also provides contracted food services to local businesses and day nurseries.

Since its inception in 1989, The Vine Trust has operated as a Social Enterprise through its restaurant at our site in Lower Hall Lane. Income generated from this business has helped to provide training and support services to local young people throughout the years. After undergoing a major refurbishment in 2010 through funding received from Advantage West Midlands and Walsall Partnership the restaurant and facilities at Vines have been transformed to offer customers a relaxing and contemporary dining venue. 
2021 - Update:The Trust, has welcomed 'The Table' as our new Community cafe tenant
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The Table

Founded by members of Walsall Community Church in response to the pandemic, The Table has taken over Vines restaurant to provide a welcoming and safe place for the community to come together in a safe environment. This town is home to an amazing and varied population from many different cultures and we want to create somewhere that welcomes all and helps bridge gaps in our community.

They hope to combat isolation and loneliness which has only been heightened by the pandemic, and support positive mental health through creative workshops, the facilitation of a positive and healthy environment that encourages relationships, support groups and other community activities, as well as being a local independent coffee shop for people to meet socially in the town. They also aim to support local small businesses by providing retail opportunities, and want to provide work experience and training for young people.