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Welcome to The Vine Trust Group - The Present and the Future

Who are we?

With foundations set firmly within the Christian Faith, The Vine Trust Group is best described as a Community Development Trust that is actively engaged in economic, environmental and social regeneration. The organisation is structured to run an inclusive mix of services and facilities, which respond to the needs of the communities in which we serve, with the Christian Ethos as the cornerstone behind all activity.

We are actively involved in partnerships and alliances with the community, voluntary, private and public sectors. As a development trust we occupy the space where the business, public, community and voluntary sectors meet. There are three distinct subsidiaries within The Vine Trust Group that enables the group to carry out its mission.

The Vine Education Trust

The Vine Education Trust aims to be an exemplar in an education system where young people outside traditional school can reach their full academic and vocational potential.

The Trust will achieve its mission by: Promoting a learning culture via the development of a wide range of learning opportunities and training programmes, which will equip young people with confidence, aspirations, skills and the qualification required to achieve their goals and to sustain employment.

Key Drivers

Re-Engagement and Progression

  • Addressing the wide spread disengagement from traditional schooling which has resulted in an unacceptable number of students either dropping out of school or failing to attend regularly.
  • Addressing the wide spread disengagement from traditional schooling which has resulted in an unacceptable number of students either dropping out of school or failing to attend regularly.

Innovative Approach to the Learning and Teaching Experience

  • Developing the skills and qualifications students need to succeed.
  • Giving young people a first-hand insight into the working world.
  • Developing non traditional facilities conducive to individual success.

The Vine Access Centre

The aim is that every young person in its sphere of influence will be able to make informed decisions for work, training, lifestyle and faith. Its vision is cultivating and developing a social, spiritual and recreational network, using the mediums of :

Positive Activities for Young People

  • Endeavouring to keep 'problematic' young people off the street and providing a means of engaging the young people in constructive activities, thereby keeping them away from criminal behaviour.
  • Positively promoting young people in order to change the negative perception of the young with the aim of reducing fear of youth crime.

Specialist Guidance

  • Recognising that young people need support in making informed decisions for life, including choices for work, training, lifestyles and faith.

The Vine Social Enterprises

The Vision is to be a national leading edge social enterprise that works with large companies and governments, to create a society where every young person can work without impediment.

Vine Social Enterprises will achieve its vision by:

Delivering excellence of work related learning, work placement and training in a variety of commercial disciplines leading to employment for young people.

Key Drivers


  • Provide a solution to the employability of local 'hard to employ' young people.
  • Provide an exemplar model to challenge other potential employers? negative perceptions of the young people.

Positive Activities for Young People

  • The scheme keeps 'problematic' young people off the street, and provides a means of engaging the young people in constructive activities, thereby keeping them away from criminal behaviour.
  • The positive promotion of this scheme could help change the negative perception of the young people, potentially having the effect of reducing the fear of crime.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The service offers commercial business an alternative way to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility, by sustaining its social aims through financial subcontract.


The Vine Trust has been in operation since 1989, emerging as a direct result of the farsighted vision of local churches. The aim was to implement a system where others had failed, to create an environment in support of the youth of Walsall who were increasingly seen as a burden to society in general.

The project began with the purchase of the notorious Vine Inn Public House on the outskirts of Walsall Town Centre, which had stood derelict for a number of years following a chequered history involving drugs and prostitution.

The facility was transformed to become a positive base for young people with the purpose of working with the 'hardest to reach young people' including: non-attendees at school, excluded pupils and young people on the edge of the drugs culture, to name but a few. The overall aim was to help young people improve their circumstances and move them into a more fulfilling way of life through encouragement and support. After miraculously raising the funds to begin this epic journey 'The Vine Trust' was born.

The location and the look of 'The Vine pub' was both unique and innovative and it has proven to be conducive in attracting 'hard to reach' young people since it began and has established itself as an effective and non-threatening venue for education, work and leisure activities.

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The Group Board

The Board of Management has overall strategic control of The Vine Trust Group. In order to ensure effective control, the Board has delegated control of policy implementation and performance monitoring to other Committees of the Board and the Board members of our subsidiaries.

The Board and Committees operate in an open and accountable way. We embrace the fundamental need to set high standards of conduct and probity and this is embedded within the Code of Conduct for Members and Staff. In order to ensure that Accord maintains a high level of governance, we have a Governance Committee consisting of staff and Board/Committee members, which meets on a regular basis to monitor and further improve our governance.

Mr Biran Powell

Our Chair, a former church minister who has been a Trustee of The Vine Trust since 1992. He is now retired from a number of engineering businesses, however, still remains a support worker for Walsall Youth Offending Service. He also acts as Chairman of the Governors for a special needs school, trustee and company secretary for the 'House on the Corner' community project. A trustee of 'Bentley Beginning Family Centre', member of the 'Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education' in Walsall schools. He was also a former director of 'Walsall Voluntary Action'.

Mr Jeremy Sargent

A civil servant, first appointed as a trustee in 2008, he is an Anglican Church member and responsible for fair trade and social justice.

Mr Joseph Tipper

Has been a trustee of The Vine Trust since 2000, with a special responsibility for Social Enterprise. A businessman working in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years and branch Chairman of Walsall and West Bromwich 'Gideons International' as well as a member of a local church pastoral team.

Mr Mark Harland

Is a marketing and business consultant holding contracts including Cadbury and Jaguar, and a Director of a number of social charities including ?Walsall Street Teams? (sexual health charity), as well as being a Minister at ?Walsall Community Church?.

Mr John Proctor

A retired deputy head teacher. John is also a magistrate .


Rt. Hon Stephen Timms MP

The Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP is currently the Member of Parliament for East Ham and the Shadow Minister for Employment. He is also the Labour Party's Faith Envoy. He is a former Cabinet Minister having served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury from 2006 to 2007. He is also the Vice-Chair of the Labour Party, and vice chairman for faith groups.

Bishop Gregory

Bishop Gregory is the current Bishop of Wolverhampton. He was educated at Queens' College, Cambridge. Ordained in 1988 he began his career with a curacy at St John the Baptist, Margate was then a senior Chaplain at the University of Warwick, and finally (before his elevation to the episcopate) Team Rector of Coventry East. Walsall, the home of the Vine Trust is in the bishop’s Archdeaconries.

Bishop Roger Sainsbury

Co- founder of the Vine in 1989, Roger was the then Rector of St Matthews Parish Church, Walsall, eventually becoming Bishop of Barking. Roger Sainsbury, who is chairman of Portishead Youth Centre’s redevelopment committee, has been involved in youth work for 50 years, chairing along the way the National Youth Agency. In retirement Bishop Roger Sainsbury, is Chair of Churches Together in England Urban Affairs Group and President of Frontier Youth Trust, said:

“Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges we face in our nation today and unless it is tackled in a positive way the implications, particularly for our urban areas, are very serious. It is vital we listen to the voices of young people and that is why I believe this youth unemployment research is so important.”

Group Executive Team

Mr Kevin Davis

Kevin is the Group Chief Executive Officer and has been with The Vine Trust since 1997. In that time he has overseen a large amount of the change which has resulted in a large increase in staff, scope of activities and turnover. Kevin has managed large capital and revenue projects ranging from Equal, ERDF and ESF.

Tina Haydock

Head of Operations.

Dan Parkes

Principal of Walsall Studio School.

Rob Grant

Executive Head of Second Chances School

Mark Herbert

Property Manager.

Gary Watson

D.Head of Social Enterprise (P390)

Dawn Jarman

Head personal coach .

What we do

Our mission is

To work with the hardest to reach young people to fully equip them for life, so that together we will transform our communities.

Our projects include: property development, managed workspace, community businesses, arts programmes, sports and leisure facilities, retail and market space, town centre management, building restoration, environmental improvement, community transport, education work, employment training, information services, community development, social provision, health centres, horticulture and agriculture and many more, across the West Midlands and Wales.


Our aim is to continue to improve the lives of young people across the UK as we embark on new and exciting ventures with future generations in mind. So please take the time to explore our website and catch a glimpse of the future as we continue the journey of changing lives and changing communities.

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