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Ladder Apprenticeship Foundation 



Building on the success of the regional campaigns, The Ladder Apprenticeship Foundation is a new national initiative, championing locally, the creation of apprenticeships and social mobility through vocational education.


At it’s Parliamentary launch in October 2018, regional partners from industry, media, public and civil sectors gathered to mark the start of a drive to  raise awareness, that creates employment, championing vocational education,  


In September 2012, The Evening Standard launched the Ladder for London, to help tackle youth unemployment through apprenticeships, with Eddie Stride-City Gateway et al, as their campaign partner and apprentice provider. The aims of the first phase of the campaign were to achieve 500 apprenticeship pledges from employers by Christmas 2012, and 100 placed in companies within 100 working days. These aims were exceeded and moved to the next phase of their campaign - to raise
more than 1,000 apprenticeships.

In March 2014, Kevin Davis, CEO of the Vine Trust Group, led a Black Country delegation to Buckingham Palace, with a view to translate the ‘Ladder for.... ' initiative to his region. Partners from industry, local authorities, community, and the Express and Star newspaper, agreed to collaborate to create a 15 month 'Ladder for the Black Country' campaign to create 500 jobs. Since it's September 2014 launch, over 1000 jobs have already been created.

Following this, in 2015, the partnership has rolled out the campaign to create Ladders initiatives in Shropshire and Staffordshire, and in Birmingham (2018).


Building on the local Ladders, 'The Ladder for England' campaigns will seek to inspire other regional partnerships, to adopt the drive to create apprenticeships, encouraging employers to rise to the challenge.


Ladder for England will steward the Ladder roll out campaign and its legacy It will help unemployed young people into work through;
- High profiled local newspaper / local tv campaigns
- Local web portals
- Local call centre / apprenticeship Clearing House
- Ladder pre-Apprenticeship Free Schools
- Local and national Patron events


In addition to the local campaign teams, a new national team will be established .
- (Co-ordinator and youth coaching) - The Vine Trust Group et al
- (Media Partners) - Evening Standard, Reach, Midlands News Association.
- (Employer Ambassadors) Chambers of Commerce, Livery comp. - (Training Ambassadors) Regional training provider network.
- (Public sector representative) Local Enterprise Partnerships.


Young people's biggest work obstacle can be a lack of work experience, and an apprenticeship still provides the ideal, sustainable start for a young person seeking that first rung on the ladder.
The success of the Ladder's regional campaigns, and the forthcoming Apprenticeship Levy, has inspired the extending of the Ladder with wider partners in new geographical and thematic areas.


The Foundation had its Parliamentary Launch on the 22nd October 2018