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Vine Access Centres - Engagement

Since we re-purposed the old notorious Vine pub, our original access centre, the Vine Trust is committed to the preparing young people for life, to that end we are committed to creating support and spaces that engage/ re-engage young people education, life, and commerce.


The Vine

Where it all began, our original access centre.

Today, it hosts centre services, and the Table, which now occupies the space where the Vines restaurant once occupied.

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The Goldmine Centre -    

 St Matthew’s Quarter’s hub.

The realisation of a 10 year vision, this multi million pound, was the result of a massive effort by the staff and supporters of the Vine Trust to create an exemplar space for young people, now part of the Mercian Trust, it is the home of Walsall Studio School.

St Matthew’s Quarter'

The first Social Enterprise Zone in Walsall, based around the existing work of the Vine Trust Group, which already provides a range of successful social enterprise initiatives, following the principles of Work, Live, Play, Learn and Worship - The Economy of Together .The first zone is located in part on brownfield land in the St Matthew’s Quarter around the hub/safehouse, The Goldmine Centre, containing Walsall Studio School, the Ladder School, The Table, Walsall Money Advice and Walsall Community Church.

The St Matthew‘s Quarter provides
Live - Accord Housing's Shannon's view
Play - Made TV / Vines Restaurants / Community events
Work - Vine social enterprises
Worship - Walsall Community Church / St Matthews
Learn - The St Matthews' Learning Quarter
The zone was formally recognised by Walsall Council in 2015
In Partnership with the Mercian Trust, a £13M capital investment Walsall Studio & Ladder Schools, to complement High Street regeneration

105 High Street Stourbridge 

Based in the busy Shopping high street of Stourbridge, and in partnership with Living Springs Charity, 105 Stourbridge was a hub/ Safe House that embodies our work, live, play, learn , worship vision. It included for a time Vines restaurant.


105 High Street


33A - St Matthew’s Quarter


Built originally in 2006 as a free standing annexe to the original Vine building, 33A is a hub for education and community groups. (Funded by charitable funds and ERDF)